Esmeralda Velazco
IG: natsuonna


Description: OTOKO+ONNA is a concept website that celebrates the human condition by embracing ambiguity through photography, performance and experimental media.

Alli Troup
IG: kinoconomori

Title: Nonbiri Circus

Description: "Nonbiri Circus" is a collection of clothing and goods I am working on. 'nonbiri' means 'carefree' or 'leisurely' in japanese, and so everything has the theme of being comfy and relaxed, but a little colorful and silly.

Taylor Wega

Title: Mellifluous

Description: A linoleum relief print of flowers.

Karen Zuniga


Brian McMullen
IG: mcmubria 

Title: Still Not Dotcoms

Description: STILL NOT DOTCOMS is an ever-changing catalog of unregistered domain names researched, compiled, and published by Brian McMullen, in a variety of forms, since 2000. All 1,000 URLs in this edition remain unclaimed and up for grabs as of September 2017. An unabridged audiobook of this edition was published by THE ORGANIST.

FUN FACT: Brian McMullen likes to go to Copyworld on 3rd Street & Mariposa, near CCA. His favorite workstation to plug a USB drive into and print PDFs from is #2, and his favorite black & white self-serve copier is #4. He loves the giant automatic paper trimmer that can cut thick stacks of paper with millimeter precision, and he loves that Dre, Amir, and Arshad all respect this machine and care enough about craft and customers to operate it properly.

Aoran Tang

Title: Inside the Computer

Description: Random combination of the components in the computer.  

Henry Brentlinger

Title: Now in Technicolor!

Description: Lately I have been feeling like the world around me is collapsing at an exponential pace. I have no control over my surroundings and It's beginning to feel like a bad science fiction novel.

Gurleen Gill

Title: Untitled
Description: Watercolor

Alice (Yufan) Niu 

Title: Decoration Calendar; Life Everlasting

Description: This calendar is designed for decoration purpose. The idea comes from a weird story called Another Good Loving Blues wrote by Arthur Flowers. There is a kind of herb named life everlasting that described in the story. I analyzed what is life everlasting and expressed my feeling of the story in this calendar. So I created this artwork in the way as weird and strange as the story is.

Tannia Sutano

Title: Randomly Generated Two-word Icons

Description: Using an online random generator, each icons were made from two random words. It combines an adjective and a noun. Try to guess what each icons says.

Bill Chien

Title: Semi-Auto Graphic Projects

Description: An experimental generator that produces unexpected, even impossible, graphic design project prompts. By producing diverse yet specific prompts, the project aims to add spontaneity to the graphic design creative process and disrupt our natural ‘cause to result’ thinking when we creating or execute a project. ‘Semi-Auto’— Human input, machine output. Input words were crowdsourced from the generator Instagram account and randomly recombined by code.

Lucy Wang

Title: Bootzill

Description: A textile portrait celebrating Bootsy Collin's accomplishments and unique style. His affinity for rhinestones, stars, and over the top outfits along with his work with James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic revolutionized music in America.

Eing Opastpongkarn

Title: Cheese and Crack

A typeface specimen.

Ali Cameron

Title: My Nightmares

Description: This zine is a collection of recurring images and creatures that appear in my nightmares. The zine unfolds into a poster of a goddess, the defender against the horrors which visit me nightly. This piece was done so that I could confront and befriend my demons.

Lukman Munshi

Title: Ridgewell West Coast Tour Poster

Description: Concert poster, for producer, Ridgewell. Constructed on a 4 column columnar grid.

Michael Edgar
IG: leonardo_decapitated

Title: Don't Drop Me

Description: A piece warning people to take care of their harddrives, and to back up their data.