What is Cheese ’n’ Crackers? A graphic design exhibition which explores the concept of “Scenius,” a concept developed by Brian Eno which describes a collective (and unconscious) genius. Scenius takes place in communities of creatives and uses the power of collaboration to help encourage creativity and imagination and produce powerful design.

We want to build a platform where artists and designers can network and collaborate, where their shared ideas can inspire and create something larger than the singular parts, just like the simple ingredients of cheese and crackers can come together and create something complex and delicious.

We encourage all levels and any work that you consider your best! Even if it’s not design, show it! 

Use our hashtag to track the show!  
#cheesencrackers #cncgd17

 Ali: acameron@cca.edu
 Esmeralda: evelazcoolivera@cca.edu